The Damien Wayne -- R. Bruce Tharpe Issue

April 14th 2017 -

The history between Damien Wayne and NWA President goes back several years. When Tharpe stepped in as NWA President back in 2012, a tournament was authorized to crown a new NWA World Champion and Damien Wayne was the favored participant.

When the tournament commenced in New Jersey, the NWA authorized a last minute entry, "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas, who outlasted all other participants to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Damien Wayne has always cried "foul," claiming that Kahagas was a ringer brought in specifically to prevent him from obtaining what he feels rightfully belongs to him -- the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Since that time, Damien Wayne has seemingly gone on a mission to destroy any and every opponent placed in his path, and has been very vocal in his opposition to the NWA President. Bruce Tharpe, on the other hand, has responded that Damien Wayne’s blatant disrespect of him and the NWA is unwarranted.

Recently in Franklin, Kentucky, Damien Wayne found himself in a match against "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony for the NWA National Heavyweight Title, and apparently the NWA Office was unaware that this match had been scheduled. Damien Wayne made the most of this opportunity -- and became the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion -- much to the dismay of Bruce Tharpe and the NWA Office.

The NWA attempted to strip Damien Wayne of the title on a technicality, but was overruled by the Kentucky State Athletic Commission. This is when Tharpe announced that he had retained the services of one "Nature Boy" Paul Lee to defeat Damien Wayne for the title. The announcement caused an Internet sensation.

Paul Lee, the self-proclaimed successor to the "Nature Boy" monicker, released a series of statements and videos that agitated not only Damien Wayne, but also the wrestling world. Rarely has there been such an online protest against scheduling such a match. Fans speculated online how bad Damien Wayne would defeat his opponent.

All of this was a part of the master plan to distract Damien Wayne from his true opponent.

As scheduled, Paul Lee appeared in Kentucky, where he faced Damien Wayne in a long and grueling match. After Damien Wayne scored the victory, NWA President Bruce Tharpe appeared on closed circuit television to announce Damien's "real opponent." As the music played, who appeared and slowly walked toward the ring? None other than Damien's nemesis from years ago in New Jersey: "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas!

The look of surprise on Damien Wayne's face was priceless as Kahagas entered the ring, and after a long and vicious match, Damien was defeated by the Tokyo Monster.

How will this feud end? Bruce Tharpe and the NWA Office may have utilized the services of Kahagas to regain the National Heavyweight Title, but Damien Wayne has vowed revenge and promised to reclaim the title at any cost.

This is a match that promoters around the country are negotiating to book because of the great fan response to this feud. Damien Wayne is clearly one of the top wrestlers in the NWA and Bruce Tharpe is sparing no expense to line up opponents to face him!