Spotlight On: The Iron Empire!

April 14th 2017 -

The NWA World Tag-Team Champions "The Iron Empire," comprised of "Loverboy" Matt Riviera and "Ironman" Rob Conway, have become one of the most successful tag-teams in wrestling. In recent months they have successfully defended their titles numerous times against different opponents across the United States and in Japan.

And recently, since the recent addition of manager Boss Hartzog, a successful cattle baron and oil tychoon from Oklahoma, the confidence of The Iron Empire has skyrocketed.

"With Boss Hatzog in our corner and his money behind us, the sky's the limit for The Iron Empire," crowed Rob Conway as his tag-team partner Matt Riviera and manager Hartzog smiling approvingly.

"We've defended these belts against the greatest teams in wrestling and no one -- and I mean NO ONE will strip us of these titles," concluded the Ironman with a look of determination on his face.

Just some of the teams lining up to challenge The Iron Empire include former two-time NWA World Tag-Team Champions "The Heat-Seekers" duo of Matt Sigmon and Elliott Russell.

Newly formed tag-team combination "Double A" Andrew Anderson and "The Redd Dogg" Rodney Mack, out of NWA Big Apple, have issued a challenge to The Iron Empire and would like a shot at the NWA World Tag-Team Titles.

Jimmy Suzuki of Diamond Stars Wrestling in Japan is always hard at work coming up with foreign tag-team combinations to challenge The Iron Empire, and on our last tour of Japan it was the massive Welshman Rob Terry and a Japanese partner to challenge the NWA World Tag-Team Champs.

The Penthouse Players from NWA New South have made it clear that they want a shot at the World Tag-Team Champions the next time they are in Kentucky.

Rumor has it that even legendary tag-team combination The Rock n' Roll Express wants one more run with the NWA World Tag-Team Titles and may be challenging The Iron Empire. All of these potential matchups translate into excitement for the fans as 2017 develops into a very active year for the tag-team division in the National Wrestling Alliance!