Challengers Lining Up to Face NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm

April 14th 2017 -

Since becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm has realized what it's like to be the target of every top professional wrestler in the world. With its rich lineage dating back to Lou Thesz and Strangler Lewis, the NWA World Heavyweight Title, or the "Ten Pounds of Gold," as it is called, is THE most coveted championship in wrestling, and being the champion means defending it all around the world against the best challengers in wrestling.

Many of those lining up to face Tim Storm are former World Champions themselves. "Ironman" Rob Conway, currently one half of the NWA World Tag-Team Champions the "Iron Empire," has expressed his desire to face Tim Storm.

"The NWA World Heavyweight Title is a championship that I have held before and I plan to hold it again," said the Ironman. Certainly any match between Tim Storm and Rob Conway would be nothing short of spectacular.

Rough and rugged "Red Dog" Rodney Mack recently faced Tim Storm for the NWA World Title in New Jersey on an NWA Big Apple card. Although he came up short, Rodney Mack learned a lot about Tim Storm and wants another shot at the NWA World Title. He vows to defeat Storm for the belt if he gets one more opportunity.

Charlie Haas is a very dangerous competitor with his extensive amateur wrestling background, and is another challenger who has stepped up to the plate in recent months who may very well give Tim Storm some trouble.

The massive Rob Terry has appeared recently in the NWA in Japan where he and a Japanese partner challenged for the NWA World Tag Team Titles in Diamond Stars Wrestling -- Tokyo. Since it has been announced that that World Title will be defended soon in Diamond Stars Wrestling, Rob Terry has requested an opportunity to challenge for the belt.

Speaking of Japan, former NWA World Champion "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas wants his chance to wrestle Tim Storm for the World Title, since he complains that he never got a rematch. Kahages was defeated for the title by Rob Conway in San Antonio, Texas.

Damien Wayne, a former NWA North American -- National Champion, is standing in the wings waiting for his opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Title. Japanese singles challengers are lining up in Diamond Stars Wrestling and in Taiwan.

Lance Hoyt is an always dangerous competitor who is also a world traveler. He has also made it known that he wants a shot at Tim Storm and the NWA World Title. No doubt the new world champion has a very ambitious schedule of challenges ahead of him in 2017.